Rugby Prone Yo-Yo Test

In addition to the six official yo-yo test versions as created by Jens Bangsbo, there are a few modified versions of the yo-yo test that have made changes to the original protocols for a specific purpose, such as this rugby version where the players lay down before each 40m run, replicating a game specific action.

This rugby specific yo-yo test uses a modification of the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test (level 1). The difference to the original test version is that prior to each 40 meter shuttle, the players lay on the ground in a prone position (Dobbin et al., 2018a, Dobbin et al., 2018b).

Diagram of the Rugby Prone Yo-Yo Test

It is assumed that the players adopted the face down position with the head level with the start line.

They found that by adopting a prone position during the Yo-Yo IR1 increases the internal (blood lactate), external (distance run) and perceptual (RPE) responses, placing greater emphasis on metabolically demanding actions typical of rugby (Dobbin et al. 2018a). They also found that this modified version is more strongly associated with measures of training or match load than the standard Yo-Yo IR1 (Dobbin et al. 2018b).


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