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The yo-yo test is part of the fitness testing protocols for many rugby union teams. The results below are collated from various sources online, and the accuracy of the test results cannot be confirmed. It is usually not noted whether the yo-yo intermittent recovery test level 1 or 2 is used, so this list unfortunately may be a mixture of both.

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Some top scores reported online

rank score player team
1 22.2 John Brake England, Rugby 7s
2 22 Josua Vici Fiji, Rugby 7s
3 22 Tom Mitchell England, Rugby 7s
4 21.6 Tom Cusack Australia, Rugby 7s
5 21.3 Nick Phipps Australia, Rugby 7s
6 21.1 Paul Cook Referee, East Yorkshire
7 21.1 Dan Norton England, Rugby 7s
8 20.4 James Marshall Hurricanes (NZ), Rugby Union
9 19.7 Frae Wilson Hurricanes (NZ), Rugby Union
10 19.5 Ruaridh McConnochie England, Rugby 7s
11 19.4 Conrad Smith NZ, Rugby Union
12 19.2 Richie McGraw NZ, Rugby Union
13 19.1 Brad Shields Hurricanes (NZ), Rugby Union


  1. John Brake, England rugby 7s "The best I've seen is probably like a 22.2, 22.5 ... One guy, John Brake, he used to play sevens and seemed to have two hearts. He could get round about that level." Quote by England player Dan Norton (from
  2. Josua Vici, aged 22, is the fittest player in the Fijian national Rugby 7s squad. (from the Fiji Sun, July 9, 2016)
  3. Tom Mitchell, England's Rugby 7s captain. (from 4 April 2017)
  4. Tom Cusack, holder of the Australian men's rugby 7s yo-yo test record. Aremarkable effort considering he is 105kg and 190cm., Jan 30, 2016.
  5. Nick Phipps, previous holder of the Australian men's rugby 7s yo-yo test record.
  6. Paul Cook East Yorkshire set the YO-YO test record for East Yorkshire Rugby Union referees. (from 29th June 2016)
  7. Dan Norton (England Rugby 7s). "I think my best has been around 21 or 21.2," says Norton, rugby sevens' all-time record try-scorer. "Somewhere around the 21 mark anyway." (Quoted in
  8. James Marshall (NZ Hurricanes) (published on, Nov 27 2014)
  9. Frae Wilson (NZ Hurricanes) (published on, Nov 27 2014)
  10. Ruaridh McConnochie, England's Rugby 7s. (from 4 April 2017)
  11. Conrad Smith, All Black player from New Zealand
  12. Richie McGraw (from an All Blacks youtube video published 1 Nov 2009
  13. Brad Shields (NZ Hurricanes) (published on, Nov 27 2014)

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