Yo-Yo Test Alternatives

Not only are there the six official yo-yo test versions as created by Jens Bangsbo, there are also a couple of modified versions of the yo-yo test, and many alternatives to the yo-yo test that measure similar aspects of fitness. The alternatives to the yo-yo test below are grouped as either sets of repeated maximal sprints with a set rest period, or sprints of variable speed and/or variable rest periods.

Repeat Sprint Tests

These repeat sprint tests measure not only anaerobic power, but also the ability to recover from these bursts of high-intensity exercise. For these tests, the participants sprint at maximum speed over a set distance or time, with minimal predetermined rest periods. The sprints are repeated 6 to 10 times.

Example Repeat Sprint Tests:

Intermittent Speed Tests

There is another category of tests that more closely replicate the demands of team sports, where the sprints (and recovery periods) are variable in intensity and duration.

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