Cricket Yo-Yo Test

In addition to the six official yo-yo test versions as created by Jens Bangsbo, there are a few modified versions of the yo-yo test that have made changes to the original protocols for a specific purpose, such as this cricket version where the players run each 40m shuttle while wearing pads and carrying a bat, replicating a game-specific action. Running 20 meters 'out and back' is very similar to making two runs in cricket, as the standard cricket pitch is 22 yards (20.12m) in length.

This modified protocol has not been validated, it's just an idea that requires some research and analysis. Cricketers currently usually perform Yo-Yo intermittent Recovery Test (level 1), without any modificiations.

the yo-yo intermittent recovery test for cricket

This cricket specific yo-yo test idea uses a modification of the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery or endurance test. The difference to the original test version is that the players wear cricket gear (pads and helmet) and carry their bat during the test. Using the bat, they will be able to reach for the line at each turn and therefore run slightly less distance, however the extra weight of the bat and the cumbersome leg pads will require extra effort.

Please note that this modification of the standard yo-yo test is not in use as far as we know. It is an idea which you may find worthy of trying with your players or conducting research about. If you do so, we would love to hear your opinion and any results.

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