Yo-Yo Endurance Test Calculator

Here is a calculator for converting your result from the Yo-Yo Endurance Tests to a VO2max score. This is the yo-yo endurance test, which is very similar to the beep test. The most common yo-yo test is the Intermittent Recovery Test, which we have a different calculator for.

Enter the test version, level (or stage) and the number of shuttles, and it will calculate the total number of shuttles, total distance run in meters and estimated VO2max.

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Yo-Yo Endurance Test Level 1
Yo-Yo Endurance Test Level 2
Enter the stage or level reached (between 5 and 21)**:
Enter the number of 20m shuttles (between 0-16):

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Your Results

Distance Run:  meters

20m Shuttles Run: 

VO2max ml/kg/min

* the formula for the calculator is the same for both of the Yo-Yo Endurance Tests (levels 1 & 2), though entering which test version enables the correct calculation of the number of shuttles and distance covered.

** the formula for the calculator can only use results for Speed Level 5 and above (even though the YYET1 starts at Level 1). Also, the YYET2 test only starts at speed level 8 so any level entered below that will not be accurate.

source: the formula for this calculator was created by getting the regresssoin equation using the test results and VO2max scores from this conversion table. The regression is not perfect, so you may get a difference of 0.1 or 0.2 ml/kg/min compared to the table, which should be considered more correct.


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