Assistant Referee Intermittent Endurance Test (ARIET)

In addition to the six official yo-yo test versions as created by Jens Bangsbo, there are quite a few modified versions of the yo-yo test that have made changes to the original protocols for a specific purpose, such as this version for assistant referees (Castagna et al., 2012), which is a modified Yo-Yo IE2 test including shuttles of sideways running.

Assistant referees in association football (soccer) are expected to face the pitch whilst running along the sideline, to better adjudge offside. Therefore, they perform a large amount of sideways running during the game.

This modified version of Yo-Yo Intermittent Endurance Level 2 includes alternating sideways and forwards running, to be more specific to the demands of the assistant referee, and as such the test is also called the Yo-Yo Sideways-Forwards Intermittent Endurance level 2 Test (Yo-Yo SFIE2).

Assistant Referee Intermittent Endurance Test (ARIET)

In this test, the referees alternate between running forwards (2 x 20m) and running sideways (2 x 12.5m), starting the first shuttle running forwards. The same audio recording as for the YYIE2 is used, with the speed levels and number of shuttles at each level the same.

As per the YYIE2 protocol, after each shuttle there is a five second period of forwards jogging around a marker placed 2.5 m behind the finishing line.

Reference times for assistant referees

  men women
International and category 1 level 16.0-3 / 1,470 meters level 14.5-3 / 1,080 meters
Category 2 level 15.5-3 / 1,275 meters level 14-3 / 820 meters
Lower categories level 14.5-3 / 1, 080 meters level 13.5-8 / 715 meters

source: FIFA



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