Yo-Yo Test FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions!)

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the yo-yo test.

How many levels are there on the yo-yo test?

The number of levels depends on which version of the test is being conducted (see the information about the yo-yo test versions). For the commonly used yo-yo intermittent recovery test level 1, the maximum score is 23.8. (see the yo-yo test tables).

Why do the levels jump from 5 to 9 to 11?

The test is designed so that the running speeds at the start of the test increases quickly before there is a more gradual increase over time. For example, the YYIR1 table shows that this version starts at speed level 5 for one 40m shuttle, then the next level is speed level 9 for one shuttle, followed by speed level 11 for two shuttles. It can also be seen on this graph which also shows the differences between the level 1 and 2 of the intermittent test.

What is the highest score?

The highest score in the YYIR1 that we know of is 22.7 by Coventry City FC player Billy Daniel. The highest by a female is 19.1 by US women's soccer team player Kelley O'Hara, and also by English cricketer Beth Langston. See more Yo-Yo test results. The highest possible score in the YYIR1 is 23.8.

How do I know what a good score is?

The yo-yo test score numbers may not mean anything without a reference point to make sense of the results. We have yo-yo test rating tables (norms) to help guide you in the interpretation of the test results. You can use the tables to get a fitness rating based on the yo-yo test score. You can also use the yo-yo test calculators to get a VO2max score and a fitness rating for your score.

How can I improve my score?

The yo-yo test is a measure of your ability to repeatedly run 40m with minimal rest. The best way to improve you score is with targeted and specific training. See our training guidelines. You should also make sure you are well prepared for the test so you can perform to your potential.

How fast do I need to sprint to keep up to the test?

You can determine the running speeds by looking at the corresponding speed level on the yo-yo test tables. However, a speed in the units kilometers per hour don't necessarily mean a lot to most of us. The starting speed of the YYIR1 is 10 km/hr. This is the same as running 40m in 14.4 seconds, or 100m in 36 seconds. This is not very fast, though you need to consider that you will need to slow down and speed up again as you turn at the 20m mark. The best scores recorded in the yo-yo test are at the speed level 22, which is at 18.5 km/hr. This is the same as running 40m in 7.8 seconds, or 100m in 19.5 seconds. That is still not super fast, but after you have already performed over 70x40m sprints by this stage, it is a very hard speed to manage.

Where can I get a copy of the yo-yo test audio file?

The audio track required to run the yo-yo test can come as an audio file (usually mp3 format), on a cd or as part of a computer or phone app. We sell the yo-yo test audio. We also have details a page where you can purchase the yo-yo test mp3 audio file, or find out where else you can buy it.


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