Rugby League Yo-Yo Test Results

The yo-yo test is part of the fitness testing protocols for many rugby teams. The results below are collated from various sources online, and the accuracy of the test results cannot be confirmed. It is usually not noted whether the yo-yo intermittent recovery test level 1 or 2 is used, so this list unfortunately may be a mixture of both).

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Some top scores reported online



* ... Both Euan Aitken and Mitch Rein (St. George Illawarra Dragons) have been the standouts in the many Yo-Yo tests taken on the field. The Yo-Yo is structured differently to the beep test but a good way for the Dragons to measure the players' fitness levels. To date, both have scored in the 20s (2016)


^ (from article in the Courier Mail, Jan 3 2016)

~ from

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