Netball Yo-Yo Test Results

The yo-yo test is part of the fitness testing protocols for many netball teams around the world.

Head coach of the Trinidad and Tobago national netball team Wesley "Pepe" Gomes was quoted as saying "the players did the Yo-Yo (endurance) test and they all exceeded the requirements with some reaching 20. Rhonda (John-Davis ) reached 19.1".

Some top Yo-Yo Test Scores reported online

rank score player team
1 20+ Laura Langman New Zealand
2 19+ Kim Ravaillion Queensland Firebirds
3 19.1 Rhonda John-Davis Trinidad and Tobago


  1. Laura Langman - quoted online that she can run over 20 on a yo-yo test.
  2. Kim Ravaillion - Queensland Firebirds centre ("regularly scores 19 on the Yo-Yo" ) (from, April 3, 2015)
  3. Rhonda John-Davis (Trinidad and Tobago). Others in the team have reached 20. (from, May 26 2019)


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