Field Hockey Yo-Yo Test Results

The yo-yo test is part of the fitness testing protocols for many field hockey teams. The results below are collated from various sources online, and the accuracy of the test results cannot be confirmed. It is usually not noted whether the yo-yo intermittent recovery test level 1 or 2 is used, so this list unfortunately may be a mixture of both (results in bold are confirmed YYIR1 results). See also the Yo-Yo test top performances list (all sports).

Some top scores for MALE hockey players found online

rank score player sport
1 21.4 Sardar Singh Field Hockey (India)
2 21.2 Mareeswaran Sakthivel Field Hockey (India)
3 20.5 Frederik Emil Fich Field Hockey
4 20.2 Martin Carøe Field Hockey


  1. Sardar Singh, Part of the Indian hockey team (published in 16 August 2018)
  2. Mareeswaran Sakthivel, Junior player from Tamil Nadu, India (from article From a humble beginning to scoring big goal, The New Indian Express, 25th October 2020)
  3. Frederik Emil Fich, from Denmark. Test result from 19 Nov 2019 (video evidence)
  4. Martin Carøe, from Denmark. Test result from 19 Nov 2019 (video evidence)

Other results:

Results from the Indian hockey team may be from a different version of the test as six players reaching 23.8 does not sound reasonable. "At a recent Yo-Yo Test, six or seven Indian players — including Sumit and Mandeep Singh — touched the highest level of 23.8. Skipper Manpreet Singh reached 23.2. The Indian team's minimum target for goalkeepers is 20 while for outfield players, the target is between 22-23." quote from

Some top scores for FEMALE hockey players

rank score player sport
1 20.2 Ambrosia Malone a member of the Australian Hockeyroos (women's field hockey team) 


  1. Ambrosia Malone, result from an officially monitored (by physio and coaching staff) yo-yo test at the Qld Academy of Sport in Oct 2020 (details sent by personal communication)


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