Basketball Yo-Yo Test Results

The results below are collated from various sources online, and the accuracy of the test results cannot be confirmed. It is usually not noted whether the yo-yo intermittent recovery test level 1 or 2 is used, so this list unfortunately may be a mixture of both. See also the Yo-Yo test top performances list (all sports).

The yo-yo test is part of the fitness testing protocols for many basketball teams. Basketballers at the Australian Institute of Sport and some of the regional programs undertake the yo-yo test four times a year (reported in 2012). See also the Yo-Yo test top performances list (all sports)

Some top scores reported online (, date: March 30, 2012)

These scores seem really high, and may be becasue they athletes performed the yo-yo intermittent test number 2, which starts at a higher speed than the YYIR1, so high scores can be reached quicker with less total distance run. T

Another result

Scots College student Jonathan Mbakwe has just been selected for the New South Wales team in the National Championships, and was tested in the Intermittent Yo Yo test and scored a 21.4 (retrieved from The Scots College website, Feb 2011)

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