Verbal Instructions for the Yo-Yo Test

To ensure good reliability for conducting the yo-yo test (see procedure), you should provide consistent instructions to the participants prior to conducting the test. Here is a standard script to use when explaining and introducing the test, particularly for those performing the test for the first time.

Some yo-yo test audio files already have a similar introduction at the start of the recording, which you can simply play to them. Feel free to adapt the text below to suit the level and experience of the participants.

Introducing the test

"You will be performing the yo-yo intermittent recovery test level 1" (or change to the appropriate test name)

"The aim of the test is to run as many times as possible back and forth between the markers, following the speeds indicated by the signals on the recording."

"After each back and forth run, you have ten seconds to jog around the marker placed behind the starting line."

"It is important that you come to a complete stop at the starting line before you start the next run."

"The running speed is quite slow in the beginning, but increases rapidly as the test progresses. An increase in speed will be indicated."

"The first time that you are unable to complete the back and forth run within the given time, you will receive a warning. The next time it occurs, your test is over."

"Your final speed level, as well as the number of back and forth shuttles at that level, is recorded as your score. "

"This is a maximal test, at the end it will be very tiring, and you will need to push yourself as hard as you can to get your best score."

"Do your best, and good luck!"


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